Learning from Others

Videotel friends and customers at Seatrade Groningen B.V. are using the first maritime management simulation, developed by Atria Learning and Development GmbH.

The human element simulation, called TOPSIM-HEISS, is an innovative way of turning learning into action and thereby focusing on creating a safety culture and developing high performing teams ashore and onboard.

Simulating onboard management decisions, TOPSIM-HEISS participants realise their own development and leadership responsibilities.

Videotel is delighted to also provide eLearning to Seatrade, a company that strives for excellence in the professional development of its staff.

To find out more about why TOPSIM-HEISS was developed and how it works, download the whitepaper here: Development and Design of the First Maritime Management Simulation 2017.

Our 40 years experience means we know our industry and that we know how to deliver the best training to its changing needs.