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VOD (Video on Demand)

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“I was able to work at my own pace on the course, which is good. The more crew that watch the video, the easier it will be when carrying out drills.”

Tom Drever ASP Ship Management April 13, 2016

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VOD box is working well. Many thanks for your kind assistance.”

Captain A. Koleda Master of TGT 'Annabell' April 13, 2016

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“This is definitely a powerful learning tool.

Master Maersk Priority April 13, 2016

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“It is an excellent training package for all on board with its good quality and varied topics.”

Jude Darren Maersk (Feedback from a VOD workshop) April 13, 2016

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“It is an excellent training tool; we have already arranged groups to watch training video clips.”

Mr. Dimitrijevic Master of the 'Takasuzu' - NYK Shipping April 13, 2016

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“Had a quick tour of VOD and it’s nothing but excellent.

Captain Mishra Master of the 'Sriracha Power' - NKY Shipping April 13, 2016

Safety Officer Training Course

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“This course is very helpful. It let me know better the role of Ship Safety Officer. I am sure
this course will help me in carrying out my duties on board.”

Radoslaw Przepiorkowski Sealion Shipping April 13, 2016

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“The language used was very clear and at the appropriate speed. The explanations were relevant to the topic and the examples of the video clips were excellent. The course offers almost all the minute details of the job of Safety Officer. It clearly defines the scope and authority of the role.”

Chad Pawan Shivprasan BP Maritime Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd April 13, 2016

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“This course demonstrates how important safety onboard is, and how it will change the way we work.”

Shah Prakash BP Crewing April 13, 2016

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“I think that all the contents are really useful and valuable for the safety on board ship. If put into practice it will greatly contribute to the situation on board being safer.”

Jang Ju Seob Lino Marine April 13, 2016

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“The course teaches practical aspects as a Safety Officer and is easy to follow. The course is like a stepping stone for building a strong safety environment onboard the ships.”

Dubey Rambabu BP Crewing, Singapore April 13, 2016

Powered Watertight Doors

videotel powered watertight doors

A great piece of work. I must admit I am very impressed with how efficient you all are in getting a product like this developed and produced.”

Jane Dodman Lloyd's Register April 13, 2016

Pilot on Board

videotel pilot on board

“We recently used the Pilot on Board training program in a course of Continuing Professional Development for a number of pilots. We found the emphasis on teamwork and of correct Passage Planning to be extremely relevant to our work. The video is well thought out, emphasizing the results of a failure to adhere to these simple concepts. It is of a good length, and the use of both the played out scenarios and lesson type instruction is helpful.”

Dr. Ian R. McCallum HR, Mardyn April 13, 2016

Shipboard Security Officer Training

videotel shipboard security officer training

“In my opinion this was a very interesting course. I’m pretty sure that I will put into practice things learnt on this training. I think it’s better to complete it on board where we’re able to observe the applications of the ISPS Code on a basis in ports. For sure I will recommend to my friends.

Robert Chrobok BP Crewing, Singapore April 13, 2016

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“I now feel confident, after taking this course, that I can successfully carry out the role of SSO. I found it extremely beneficial and worthwhile.

George Reid Sartor Offshore Rescue Ltd April 13, 2016

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“I enjoyed the course material and found it easy to follow and understand. The topics covered under the training program were precisely aimed in understanding the basic concepts required in security operations, something I have been doing for the last 25 years as a Peace Officer in law enforcement.”

Ash Mall Online User April 13, 2016

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“Very seldom have I received such excellent and prompt service. Many thanks once again.”

Shaun Pinto World Tankers Management Pte Ltd April 13, 2016

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“This course is easy to follow and complete. It is especially user friendly since it can be completed on board ship.”

Alan Britz Maersk Marine Services April 13, 2016

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“This course was practical and easy to follow. This course will be valuable to me and will be put into practice on the vessel I serve on.”

William Sinclair BP Crewing Services April 13, 2016

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“This course has helped me to understand security data on board the vessel and on shore.”

Igor Prosvirin V. Ships April 13, 2016

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“The course was easy to enroll on due to shore management. The ebook was very, very user friendly.

James Winterton BP Crewing, Singapore April 13, 2016


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