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Videotel provides over 950 titles for the training needs of the seafaring community across the world, covering all the functional areas of the The Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping Convention (STCW) Code.

We firmly believe in a combined, blended learning approach to training and, as such, our portfolio contains:

  • Video;
  • 3D animation;
  • Interactive CBT (computer-based training);
  • Interactive maritime training courses.

This allows for a flexible and stimulating approach to training – whether in groups or by self study, onboard, onshore or online – we mix high drama, animation, tests and much more to build a package of top quality training.

To see our training titles which have gained status from flag states and other respected bodies, click here.

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STCW Navigation

Bridge Procedures & Resource Management, Collision Avoidance, Mooring, Navigation, Ship Handling, Weather… Learn More

STCW Cargo Handling & Stowage

Cargo Handling on Specific Ships, Cargo Operations, Dangerous Goods, Hatch Covers, Legal Responsibility & Loss Prevention… Learn More

STCW Emergency, Occupational Safety, Medical Care & Survival

Bunkering, Drills, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Lifeboats, Management, Operations, Personal Safety, Personal Survival, Security… Learn More

STCW Electrical, Electronic & Control Engineering

Generators, High Voltage Practice, Main Circuit Breakers, Motors, Propulsion, Safety & Maintenance, Starters, Surveys… Learn More

STCW Marine Engineering

Cleaning, Engine Room Waste Management, Heavy Fuels, Hydraulics, Marine Lubrication… Learn More

STCW Radio Communications

Search & Rescue Co-ordination… Learn More

STCW Maintenance & Repair

Abrasive Wheels, Oxy-acetylene Welding, Painting, Resistance Welding, Shipboard Maintenance… Learn More

STCW Maritime Training Courses

Basic Skills, Catering, Diving, Media, Offshore Operations, Offshore Safety, Pollution Clean-up, Ports, Sea News… Learn More

Other Subject Areas

Deck Officer, ECDIS, IMDG, Incident Investigation, MEETS, Risk Assessment, Safety Officer, SETS, Shipboard Security Officer… Learn More

Our 40 years experience means we know our industry and that we know how to deliver the best training to its changing needs.