Ship Call – Visiting A Ship In Port

February 24, 2012 12:00 am

24 February 2012

The most up-to-date safety procedures for all personnel visiting a ship while in port


Whilst many are aware of the hazards faced on board a vessel at sea, often little attention is paid to the difficulties and dangers encountered during the seemingly simple act of visiting a ship in port. Yet the terminals and ports a vessel serves are as potentially dangerous an industrial environment as most people are ever likely to encounter, with changing circumstances leading to changing risks.

Videotel Marine International have launched a new training programme, Ship Call – Visiting a Ship in Port, designed to provide all those who visit ships the training needed to reduce the risks involved in any ship call.

“Seafarers are highly trained, but in the past even they have come to serious harm boarding vessels,” said Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel. “The situation is even more hazardous for visitors to ships who often lack training and experience. Individuals are expected to board vessels both day and night – often under time pressure – and in all types of weather. Tackling a gangplank; alighting from a launch; using a Jacob’s ladder; all have their own inherent risks.

Ship Call demonstrates graphically how visitors to ships can avoid the risks involved with any visit to a ship in port. Divided into three sections, the first shows how to prepare for the trip and the second looks at the risks involved in boarding the vessel.  If boarding by launch, this would include monitoring the weather conditions, inspecting the launch for any hazards and checking the sea conditions before attempting to board. The final part addresses visitor safety while actually on board, ensuring that key safety procedures are adhered to and all appropriate safety equipment is used.

Addressing a range of maritime safety regulations, the programme is especially valuable for those joining a ship for the first time, but is targeted at all maritime professionals needing to board or alight a ship in port.

Ship Call – Visiting a Ship in Port is available in VHS/DVD with supporting booklet and via interactive CD-ROM.