Seagull & Videotel Affirm Their Position as the World’s Largest Maritime eLearning Companies  

July 1, 2019 12:26 pm

With a commitment to invest $30 million in new courses and technology

Following the acquisition by Oakley Capital of Seagull and Videotel, the group, with more than 20,000 vessels using their products and the largest library of learning courses available, affirms its position as the world’s largest Maritime eLearning companies. The group announces today a commitment to invest more than $30 Million over the next 5 years in new courseware and technology.

$30 Million investment in new courses and technology

Our maritime clients want the confidence that their learners have access to the best, widest and deepest courseware that meet today’s exacting compliance standards and which will deliver the desired learning outcomes to grow their employees.

Today’s learners want their courses delivered quickly, in bite-size, they want to come back to their course, wherever, whenever and on whatever device they choose. They also want learning paths, and their courses delivered in a modern consumer-led experience.

The group intends to invest more than $30 Million over the next 5 years on new courses and technologies to deliver on these desires with brand new reimagined courseware delivered on a consumer led platform experience to any device, using the latest technologies like micro learning and the most engaging methods and tools including gamification, virtual and augmented reality.

Content from both companies available on platform

To celebrate their new collaboration, the management teams have agreed to release selected content to each other’s platforms on the vitally important subject of Seafarer Mental Health and Resilience. These packages are designed to help seafarers to thrive at sea and ready themselves for the challenges they may face in their work and private lives.

New courses coming this year

Combining the world-class expertise of their collective content teams, the group believe they will be able to offer unrivalled creativity and educational excellence in maritime. The group are currently in the process of selecting a number of topic areas in which they will collaborate.

“By working together rather than making our individual versions of the same topics, we believe we can add more of the things our learners enjoy such as high-end video, animation and greater interactivity”, says Roger Ringstad, Managing Director Seagull Maritime AS

“Our customers want access to the most effective learning they can find. Something that makes a difference to their safety and operational efficiency of their organization. In pooling our efforts and making our budgets go further, we can offer a richer experience at an affordable price point.”, adds Raal Harris, Managing Director Videotel.


About Seagull Maritime AS

Seagull Maritime was founded in 1996 by experienced mariners and has grown into a financially solid and dynamic company. In partnership with leading shipping companies and ship managers they have developed a full range of assessment and management tools that ensure meeting and exceeding statutory requirements from IMO and other industry bodies. Seagull Maritime offers a comprehensive library of training  titles and courses for regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge. Seagull’s training solutions has been delivered to more than 11,000 ship and office installations worldwide.


About Videotel

Effective maritime eLearning is the foundation of Videotel’s services. The first choice for more than 10,000 vessels worldwide, Videotel is dedicated to producing industry-leading materials that constantly evolve as regulations change and new topics need to be addressed. Its ‘blended learning’ approach uses video, animation, e-workbooks, gamified learning and virtual reality to deliver engaging learning experiences for serving and aspiring seafarers,  while the Videotel Performance Manager software platform, powered by cloud-based data analytics, helps vessel operators ensure that crew are training and performing at their peak.