Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Seafarers face unique working conditions which can put them under a lot of stress, with less opportunities for relief than they would be likely to find on land. Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing focuses on the positive things seafarers can do to help themselves and their fellow crew members; it provides a tool set on how to be happy, letting seafarers tell their own story and describe the path to achieving resilience. They are supported by industry experts who provide the theoretical back-up.

This training package will be distributed free of charge across the industry.

The training package underlines the importance of taking rest periods and making healthy eating choices, of working on one’s own projects as well as engaging in team activities; it highlights the satisfaction that comes from a sense of achievement and purpose in life, and from having achievable goals; and it acknowledges how essential it is to maintain good relationships – with friends and family at home, but also with those on board. The happiest ships are the ones where a strong sense of community is being fostered actively.

But things can still go wrong. This training package teaches seafarers the signs to watch out for both in themselves and in others, and where to get help if one is struggling. For most people, it helps finding someone to talk to. This can be someone they trust on board ship, but there is also help available outside the ship such as SeafarerHelp’s 24/7 multilingual helpline and chat service as well as the work of port-based organisations such as Mission to Seafarers.

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The training package has been produced with ISWAN. Their two brochures “Psychological Wellbeing at Sea” and “Steps to Positive Mental Health” are being distributed as part of the programme.

In addition, KVH Videotel are providing brief Facilitator Notes to assist those who run training sessions on board. Advice is given on how to prepare for and how to run a training session. There are two training plans to choose from for either a 30 minutes or a 60 minutes session, both of which include plenty opportunities for group discussions.

Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing was produced with overwhelming support from within the industry.

KVH Videotel is very grateful to the following for their valuable contributions: Angloeastern, Associated British Ports, International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC), International Maritime Organization (IMO), “K” Line LNG Shipping (UK) Limited, Mission to Seafarers, Nautilus International, Sailors’ Society, Scorpio, Shell, The Shipowners’ Club, Swire Pacific Offshore and Whitakers Tankers.

Seafarers' Mental Health and Wellbeing COMING SOON!

This unique training package from KVH Videotel, together with ISWAN, is about the serious issues facing seafarers and how important it is to understand mental health issues, recognise warning signs and know where to get help when required.

Our 40 years experience means we know our industry and that we know how to deliver the best training to its changing needs.