BSc & MSc Sustainable Maritime Operations

Videotel's online courses can put you on a fast track to completing a degree in Sustainable Maritime Operations at MLA College

How does it work?

The Sustainable Maritime Operations degree is a Plymouth University approved degree qualification. It is available to study at undergraduate Bachelors (BSc) or post-graduate Masters (MSc) levels. It is delivered by fully tutor supported technology-enhanced distance learning. This course can fit flexibly around your work and life commitments.

Students who have completed various Videotel courses, as determined by MLA, gain an exemption from one or two modules. This provides a fast track study route and a reduction in study costs. Ask us more about it here.

The degree itself will give you new management skills in analysis, evaluation, presentation and writing at a higher level. When you combine this with an understanding gained in the operation, governance and technology of the maritime world, then you will fully equipped to progress to a more advanced career level.

This course is particularly suitable for middle to senior management grades with marine companies and organisations in the areas of ship management, port operations, marine renewables, offshore oil & gas, engineering and defence.

The MSc course consists of 5 modules, each of which takes 16 weeks to study and a final research project. It is usually studied part-time, which means typically about 12-15 hours of study per week. So, overall the MSc degree takes about 2½ years to complete.

The BSc undergraduate course only has 3 modules so will take a total of about 18 months and a final honours project. It is possible to take a break between modules for family or professional reasons.

Your course is delivered exclusively by distance learning using the latest developments in technology in order to allow you to maximise the educational experience whilst studying in the place of your choosing at the times which are most convenient to you.


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