An Agent’s Perspective

June 2, 2015 12:12 pm

In this latest White Paper from Videotel. Henning Davies, our man in Germany, sets out some of the fundamental issues that underpin his work in Europe, one of the busiest markets in the world for Maritime Education and Training.Author: Henning Davies

The latest in this series of informative Videotel Whitepapers comes from Henning Davies, one of our European Agents. Before taking up that role, Henning worked in Head Office as a Production Manager, so he really has an in-depth knowledge of the way we do things in Videotel.

Today’s valuable customers are fully appreciative of the need for investment in effective training. We at Videotel see it as our challenge not only to continue to deliver state of the art training programmes for all aspects of merchant shipping – that is the “what we do” – but also to find solutions that make life easier, more effective and as a result more cost efficient for our partners – i.e., the “how we do it”.

While DVD libraries remain, of course, a valuable component of our product offering, most customers have come to appreciate the flexibility and effectiveness that our pioneer systems, VOD and WebFTA, offer over the more conventional delivery systems.

Continuously striving to improve our range of tools, Videotel wants to provide a clear advantage to leading ship owners and ship managers by providing a platform for planned concepts and future requirements via our products and services. This is why we developed the award-winning VOD and NVOD platforms.

VOD’s greatest benefit, besides offering the complete training catalogue on-demand, is that it records and stores effortlessly all the crew’s training achievements in a uniform electronic format. This is not only a tremendous help for on-shore fleet management but provides precise and transparent documentation for audits and port state control inspections. And because speed and efficiency are of the essence, this time-saving makes it an invaluable tool.

With such rapid development in the IT world, one of the greatest challenges today is making sure all systems can “talk” with one another – this relies on consistency of data. Only when all systems are compatible can they be synchronised across various platforms and systems.
It is the same with personnel training – it is vital that training records are matched to the correct individuals. This allows crew to move freely across the fleet taking their training achievements with them. This, in turn, demonstrates their fulfilment of individual company requirements which will have been defined for sea-going and shore personnel.

Having recognised the need to ensure easy data sharing and transfer between systems, Videotel has invested in finding solutions to enable clients to gain a full overview of the many business areas in one interface. And in many instances these various areas have differing systems and sources. Underlining our understanding of clients’ needs to be able to share data we created an API – a free tool that manages the connection between clients’ data sources.

We also recognise that our clients need leading edge solutions that are easy to understand, implement and use – we do not aim to baffle with science but to solve simply. And to provide reassuring full back-up for local offices and their personnel, with a wide range of workshops, support lines and online events.

My territory as a Videotel agent includes some of the most exciting maritime markets in the world. Maritime Education and Training is thriving throughout the region, both ashore and afloat, and it’s my job to ensure our customers continue to get up-to-date, relevant, topical and effective training solutions for their staff. With the support and back up from KVH, the London Videotel Office and my colleagues elsewhere in the field I am convinced we will continue to offer these services for many, many years to come.
Henning Davis
Videotel Agent