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Safety Gangway and Ladder Operations (Edition 2)

Safe access to ships is usually provided via the ship’s ladders, gangways or brow. The means of access to a ship provide visitors with a first impression of how a ship is managed. But when they are incorrectly rigged or poorly maintained, access can become hazardous to both visitors and crew. The purpose of this training package is to improve the safety of gangway and ladder operations by raising awareness and helping those in the deck department to understand correct rigging procedures and maintenance routines.

This training package addresses the Master’s responsibility to ensure safe access is provided to a vessel at all times. It explores every seafarer’s duty to ensure the ship’s boarding arrangements are safe to use and in full working order. Passengers, crew, pilots and other visitors must be able to embark and disembark safely with the assistance of personnel who know and follow the correct operating procedures. Case studies are used to illustrate what can happen if things go wrong.

A Free Training Package for Seafarers

Seafarers' Mental Health and Wellbeing

Positive Changes for Seafarer Mental Health and Wellbeing

Seafarers face unique working conditions which can put them under a lot of stress, with fewer opportunities for relief than they would be likely to find on land.

Our Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing package focuses on the positive things seafarers can do to help themselves and their fellow crew members.

What the Training Covers

  • This training package explores what seafarers can do to improve their mental health and wellbeing so that they can deal better with the challenges of life onboard.
  • The training consists of a video (23 minutes) and comes with Facilitator Notes including a sample plan on how to run a training session.
Videotel Performance Manager

Task-based Competency

Your Solution for Evaluating Seafarer Competency

Providing you with the Tools to Evaluate and Manage Training

Task-based Competency is built on proven training and educational tools along with the advanced Videotel Performance Manager.

Using the Taskbook Concept

Based on the established concept of taskbooks, this new set of tools allows seafarers to prepare for, and be evaluated against, any competency that should be demonstrated during their time onboard ship.

Delivering Valuable Data

The Task-based Competency results are made available to shore staff in a series of interactive and engaging reports within Videotel Performance Manager.

Measuring Performance

Task-based Competency equips you with the means to measure your crew’s ability to perform the tasks needed to do their job safely and effectively and can help identify high-performing crew members who could be eligible for promotion.

Practical Engineering Suite


The 100 modules of Practical Engineering Suite now available on a mobile-friendly platform, utilising 3D, animated graphics, and comprehensive assessments.

KVH Videotel's Practical Engineering Suite

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Videotel’s Security Courses for Yachting and Merchant Shipping Crews

Maritime Security Awareness

Designated Security Duties

Shipboard Security Officer

Expert Guidance

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