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The helideck on offshore installations is a safety critical area and it must always be fit for use. To ensure that the relevant criteria are met an inspection, a regime for helidecks in the UK sector has been established by the Health and Safety Executive.The condition of every deck served by British helicopters is now inspected on a regular basis to ensure its fitness for purpose.

TCAP 437 covers how the functioning of the deck has to be assessed - dimensions, lettering, lighting, netting and - most important - structural integrity. The helideck must not only bear the weight of the heaviest and largest helicopter at rest, it mustcope also with dynamic and lateral loading and an emergency impact at high rates of descent. So the primary structure must be checked for corrosion. Secondary structures, hand rails, stairways and so on must also be examined. Normally Unattended Installations (NUIs), have one problem which overrides all others: guano. Where guano persists, good housekeeping is critical. On all installations, the role of the helideck crew in maintaining the condition of the deck is also important and the OIM needs to ensure they have enough time for their tasks.