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Video Running Time: 26 minutes


The Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) was first implemented in 1978. Following some important amendments over the years, notably in 1995, it came into full effect in 2002. In June 2010, at the Diplomatic Conference in Manila, Philippines, the latest revision of the STCW will be debated and formalised into a document that will set the international standards for seafaring best practice now and in the future.

This programme looks at the background and significance of the STCW leading up to the 2010 conference. It considers the effect of the revisions on some key areas of operational life that affect all maritime professionals, both on board and ashore. Among the subjects it covers are new certification and refresher training and how this affects all able seafarers on deck and in the engine room. It follows safety culture, with particular emphasis on the importance of sound leadership, before turning to tanker training and the issues arising from the many different cargoes carried and their potential hazards. The attention then turns to security and the current concerns raised by armed robbery and international piracy,moving on to the challenges facing ships masters when navigating in polar waters, whether on freight routes, or the cruise ship market. Finally, the programme addresses the importance of recognising the role of the port State and the need for accurate record keeping.

This programme covers the conference itself and provides key interviews with leading representatives of the maritime industry, operators, owners and port authorities, offering their expertise and analysis of the latest revisions to the STCW as it affects their own particular area of operations. This programme is thoughtfully structured and illustrated to give the audience an accurate update of this all important document, the STCW 2010.

Main topics
  • Background and Conference
  • >New Certification
  • Safety Culture
  • Tanker Training
  • Security and Piracy
  • Polar Waters
  • Port States
Regulations addressed


Target audience

Owners, operators, all seafarers

Produced with the assistance of

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

International Maritime Employersa Committee (IMEC)

International Shipping Federation (ISF)

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