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Code No: 796

Video Running Time: 37 minutes


There are several types of rescue boat, from the larger fast rescue boats or FRB's, found on passenger ro-ro 's and offshore, to the smaller rescue boats found on ships such as oil tankers and anchor handlers. The rescue operations carried out with all these boats are similar and include recovering casualties from the sea and towing survival craft.

The boat crews all need good training in handling their rescue boats, and in carrying out operations with them. This video is intended to support this training. The video has been designed to cover the topics listed in the STCW requirements for fast rescue boat coxswains. The operations it examines are important to all types of rescue boat. The video is divided into 12 sections to enable fast access to the required information. It is accompanied by an extensive workbook that gives further details of the procedures demonstrated in the video and a huge amount of additional information useful to both rescue boat crews and those tasked with training them.

The sections of the video and some of the issues they include are:

  • Design and Equipment - The general design and features of rescue boats and the difference between jet drive and propeller drive.
  • Crew and Personal Protective Equipment - The significance of wearing the correct personal protection as required by SOLAS.
  • Launching Equipment - The importance of knowing and maintaining the davit arrangements on your ship.
  • Launching - The correct procedure for launching a rescue boat in a seaway is demonstrated.
  • In a Seaway - The issues of how to handle rescue boats under all weather conditions is examined.
  • Search patterns - A brief discussion and demonstration of the most effective search patterns for fast rescue boats.
  • Picking up a Casualty -Several techniques are demonstrated including recovery of an unconscious person, the assisted recovery of a conscious person and the use of recovery cradles.
  • Recovery - The correct procedure for recovering a rescue boat with a casualty in a seaway is demonstrated.
  • Helicopter Operations - General considerations are covered and the use of the hi-line is shown.
  • Righting the Boat - How to right a capsized rescue boat and the most effective methods of getting out from it are shown.
  • Other Operations - The issues of towing survival craft and liferafts are illustrated and discussed.
  • Maintenance and Training - The programme concludes by emphasising the importance of good training, proper maintenance and regular practice.

Graphics are extensively used to demonstrate the adjustment of the throttle to match the sea conditions and position of the boat on the waves.

The objective of this training package is to contribute to the training of crew operating rescue boats of all types. Only with good training and regular practice will the duties of the rescue boat crew become second nature -enabling them to save the lives of casualties when required.