Powered Watertight Doors

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Powered Watertight Doors

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Video Running Time: 27 minutes


Powered watertight doors are an important design feature fitted to many types of vessel. When closed, these doors become part of the ship?s structure, preventing progressive flooding if grounding or collision was to occur. Common to all designs, however, is the risk of injury if crew are not aware of potential dangers or ignore safe working practice.In order to resist the extreme pressures of flooding water, powered watertight doors can close with a force of up to two tons - easily enough pressure to crush bone if someone were to become trapped between a closing door and bulkhead. This is why there are important procedures that must be followed every time when using any powered watertight door.Aimed as an aid to on board familiarisation, this programme is split into two parts.The first part looks at the significant role powered watertight doors play in a ship?s overall safety system, as well as highlighting potential hazards and the regulations that govern their use. The second part focuses directly on training and the safe use of powered watertight doors both in the case of those authorised to operate doors as part oftheir normal working routine, and those who may only need to use one as a means of escape in an emergency.

Main Topics

  • An Overview of Powered Watertight Doors
  • The Potential Hazards
  • Bridge and Local Operation
  • Working Safely With Powered Watertight Doors
  • House Keeping and Drills