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Code No: 736

Video Running Time: 25 minutes


On-Load Release systems were developed in the early 1980s and are mandatory under SOLAS regulations. They allow the lifeboat to be released with the load on the hooks when waterborne, unlike traditional hook-and-eye systems.

During a real abandon ship operation, a lifeboat would not normally return to the ship. However, during drills, the lifeboat has to be recovered from the water and returned to the davits. It is this stage of the lifeboat drill that is the point of greatest risk and it provides the focus for the new video.

Live action, library footage, graphics and animation are employed to illustrate the correct sequence of recovery and the precise operation of On-Load Release Gear during the critical stages of attaching the falls and the subsequent lifting operation.

Each component in the Release Gear is shown and its mode of operation illustrated in close-up. Checks and safety procedures are explained and the importance of correct maintenance emphasised. The operation of the Release Gear is then seen in the context of a complete drill, from start to finish.

On-Load Release gear if correctly used and maintained is a vital and reliable element of a ship?s safety system. Incorrectly operated, or neglected, it can easily become a real danger to life.