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Code No: 755

Video Running Time: 26 minutes


In recent years, pollution of the marine environment has become an increasingly sensitive issue and increased public awareness of problems has prompted governments around the world to enact stricter laws to try and protect the planet. In the light of these developments, the maritime industry has been quick to implement mandatory codes of practice. These Codes are quite complex, however, and over time, various Amendments have also come into force. So Videotel has updated its training package that covers the main aspects of what constitutes pollution at sea and how to reduce it.

Fighting Pollution - Preventing Pollution at Sea comprises a video and supporting booklet and the package looks at the impact of maritime waste. The programme shows how easily oil can pollute the sea and outlines the dangers in discarding banned substances like plastics, as well as other types of garbage that may, at first sight, not appear to pose a problem. The training package then looks at the relevant MARPOL regulations - specifically Annexes I and V which deal with oil and garbage respectively - and the requirements it makes on the Master, officers and crew.

Once a broad understanding has been established about what pollution entails, the package then details practical methods for minimising the risks. It highlights areas where problems can occur and provides useful guidelines that can apply to any vessel. This includes the implementation of a shipboard environmental policy and a garbage management plan. The package also gives an overview of the regulations that apply to the Special Areas designated by MARPOL.

This package is aimed at all seafarers but it is particularly relevant to crew members whose roles bring them into contact with waste oil and garbage. It supports the requirements of STCW 95 Code: Table AII/1 and Table AIII/ 1. As a general introduction it will provide a key element in understanding the MARPOL regulations and how they impact upon a vessel and its crew.