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Code No: 929

Video Running Time: 34 minutes


A crucial element of successful ship management is the proper management of human resources on board. Many factors influence how effectively human resources can be managed in a working environment.

The most important of these are:

  • Individual attributes
  • Hierarchical organisation
  • Management methods
  • Work planning
  • Teamwork
  • Monitoring of performance

Within these elements lie a range of latent hazards against achieving maximum safety and efficiency and a range of personal characteristics, which combined, lead to inefficiencies in performance, damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

It deals with a typical working day in the life of an engine room team, starting with the daily work-planning meeting. All the members of the team are well qualified for their jobs, from the chief engineer to the fitters. Everything appears to be done in accordance with recognised working practices. Despite this, the situation on board begins to deteriorate, decisions are made which, in themselves, appear logical and right, but in the context of decisions made by others in the team, lead to the ship being flooded, grounded in harbour and an oil spill in the engine room. Included is an analytical section which begins with the commentary describing the basics of human resource management and the 'traffic light' principle applied to the decision making process.

A whole range of pertinent questions are asked inviting the audience to make their own analysis of the sequences they saw during the dramatised events.