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This package is designed to test the knowledge of seafarers by asking them questions from a very large question database. The questions are based on the candidate's position and are divided into appropriate subject areas. The resultant evaluation is aimed at assisting company personnel and recruitment departments to make an assessment of an individual's knowledge, skills and competence. Currently the question database holds over 6000 questions (which is expanding), and includes questions for:

  • Deck & Engineering Officers, all ranks
  • Deck & Engineering Ratings

The questions are divided into STCW level i.e, support, operational and management.

Many questions focus on safety awareness and where appropriate questions are linked to pictures and diagrams. No computer experience is necessary. For the candidate, the system operates in two modes:

  • Tutorial Mode - there are two chances to answer each question, after which the correct answer is given
  • Test Mode - there is only one chance to answer each question and the answers are not given, but saved for later analysis by the instructor

In the test mode questions appear randomly and within each question the multiple choice answers appear in random order. The instructor, in the Administration Mode can view and print test results according to candidate's name, set test time limits and test type. A separate module is available allowing user editing of questions and input of new questions, otherwise Videotel offers a service to add customised test questions. The instructor has the facility to control the test conditions and has access to comprehensive test reports. The program runs under Windows and requires sufficient hard disk memory to store all the question databases.