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Code No: 835

Guided Learning Hours:



This course is intended for training personnel being entrusted with the role of Port Facility Security Officer, (PFSO). It is a role that is becoming more challenging year by year as the threat of terrorism, drug and people trafficking, smuggling and criminal activities such as cargo theft continue to increase.

As a result of successfully completing this training programme you will:

  • Understand the context in which the framework of regulations, plans, responsibilities and activities for improving maritime security exists
  • Be able to describe the role and responsibilities of a PFSO
  • Be able to describe and put into practice the various elements of security management in your port facility, including the training of other personnel
  • Understand how security on board ship is organised and how to play your part in the network of communication with CSOs and SSOs on security issues

The content of this course is closely related to the requirements elaborated in the Code and closely follows the IMO Model Course on this subject.

The course is divided into four main areas:

  • Introduction
  • 8 Modules
  • Tests
  • Reference materials

The modules contain video, stills, and graphics as well as text and audio. In total, including the tests and use of reference material, the Course will take about 12 hours. The final test result should be printed out, signed by the candidate, and countersigned by a named senior manager who will verify that test was taken by the candidate without assistance. This document should be forwarded to Videotel, who will issue the PFSO Certificate. If your company or national administration require it, additional assessment will be available via suitable assignments covering key elements of the course. These would be contained in a portfolio to be sent to candidates. Completed assignments would need to be returned to Videotel to be marked by independent assessors.

Approved by:
Panama Maritime Authority, Bureau Veritas,