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This comprehensive Course concentrates not only on the skills needed by senior managers at sea, but also includes skills required by junior officers and acts as a stepping stone towards more formal management training.

With a wide range of interactive multi-media techniques the programme includes self-study text, self-assessment, formal assessments and external monitoring, and certification.

In conjunction with the Nautical Institute (NI) and other leading authorities, Videotel is delighted to launch this essential management course, which is:


50-60 hours of study divided into 37 separate study units in 5 major sections -

  • Leaders and Managers
  • The Shipping Business
  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing Tasks
  • Working with People.
Easy to use

Each unit provides 1-2 hours of study. Learners work at their own pace, at sea or ashore.

An accredited qualification...and a toolbox Complete the course. Submit assignments. Receive a certificate accredited by The Nautical Institute. Or use single units to improve specific skills, as and when they are needed.

Varied and active

Study units use a mixture of visuals, graphics, short video sequences, voice-over and text. Learners interact with the graphics. They use a screen based 'notepad' to record their own ideas and relate what they are learning to their own experience. Each unit ends with a test of comprehension.


The course provides essential knowledge and useful theory - how the shipping industry works; what 'culture' is all about, for example. But the main focus is on 'How to' - how to... manage your time... run a training session... manage discipline... run a drill... appraise... communicate in writing.. solve problems... and many, many more practical, everyday leadership and management skills.

Shipping focussed

Shipping provides all of the examples used and the visuals and video sequences which support the content of the study units.

In a multi-national industry drawing personnel from different national and cultural backgrounds, good management is essential if shipping is to be safe, well ordered and competitive, giving good service to customers. At the same time, the people who work within the industry should have self-esteem and confidence, be efficient and effective in their work as team members and team leaders, and in their dealings with third parties. Many young seafarers lack the confidence needed to become good managers. This course will help them to achieve success and enjoy their future roles as managers.

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