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Code No: 863

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This is a modular, CBT course providing a total of 7 - 10 hours of self-study. Its overall aim is to provide those ships officers responsible for investigating, analysing and reporting on incidents which occur on board their ships, with the skills to do so accurately and efficiently. Candidates work through the seven modules at their own pace and at times which fit their normal, working schedules.

The course is designed for: Ships' Officers

Course Pre-requisites: None

Course Objectives: The course will help the candidate to process a substantive incident report.

Course Outcomes: Candidates will:-

  • understand what an incident is
  • be able to follow a systematic, step by step approach to investigating, analysing and reporting on incidents

Content Overview: The seven modules cover:-

  • setting the scene
  • beginning the investigation
  • planning the investigation: collecting and preserving evidence
  • interviewing witnesses: the principles
  • conducting the interview
  • organising and analysing the evidence
  • writing the report and taking action

Structure:The course consists of:

  • seven Modules
  • module tests and a final test
  • portfolio of assignments (optional)

The course is designed for individual self-study.

Projects: The course has optional portfolio assignments.

Course Duration: 7 - 10 hours

Certification: There are two levels of certification:

  • Level 1: a course completion certificate which is obtained by passing a supervised final test, consisting of multiple choice questions
  • Level 2: (optional) a certificate of merit which is obtained by completing and submitting an assignment to a required standard


Approved by:
Panama Maritime Authority,
Accredited by:
Nautical Institute,