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A distance learning course....Information Technology Training for Seafarers

This course is intended to provide seafarers with the opportunity to gain basic competencies in computing and a number of common office applications. Most ships these days rely on computer technology for daily operations and hence there is a need for all on board to develop a suitable level of computing skills.

Unlike other IT courses, this one has been written with the seafarer in mind, so many of the tasks and examples have a marine flavour.

Many seafarers today will have received little or no formal IT training and may have had to teach themselves. Teaching yourself may not be good enough when so many ship operations demand computer literacy. A better approach is to undertake a structured training course to an approved standard. As well as being a more effective approach, a structured course can provide the seafarer with a recognised qualification. For many, a distance learning course offers an ideal opportunity to study. This Videotel course is designed for seafarers and is accredited by Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts (OCR), a leading UK-based accreditation organisation.

This entry-level course (as defined by OCR) is divided into the following six modules:-

  • Basic Theory
  • File Management
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Internet/Email
  • Database

In addition there are three elective additional modules covering the following topics:-

  • Presentation Graphics
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Using a Computer

Each module has clearly defined learning and assessment objectives.

Students wishing to gain the qualification must enrol on the course and submit their assessments for marking. Qualification is dependent on completion of the 6 modules within an agreed time period. Successful candidates will receive a recognised certificate from Videotel, endorsed by OCR. Seafarers not wishing to enrol on the course may study whichever modules they wish. Those enrolled can receive assistance in their studies through the course's email-based help-desk.

Successful students can build on this course towards higher level qualifications in IT and associated studies to National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and beyond.

The course aims to provide a flexible approach to gaining IT skills. It has been designed with seafarers in mind and offers the support seafarers need. The course is delivered on CDROM with associated printed self-help tests, exercises and assessments. Enrolled students are encouraged to submit their assessments by email.

This course is produced and administered in association with Blackpool and The Fylde College, one of the UK's leading maritime and Further Education colleges.

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Panama Maritime Authority,