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Adoption of TMSA as described in the OCIMF guidelines is required by:

  • Oil majors for tankers carrying their cargos
  • Tankers carrying cargoes for them
  • Tankers loading and discharging at their terminals

This includes the great majority of petroleum cargos, therefore, the TMSA system has become essential for most tanker operators.

The TMSA initiative was published by OCIMF in 2004 as a guide for tanker operators, as a tool to help improve management systems. 2008 sees the release of the second edition. This programme aims to raise TMSA awareness and understanding of the system, its implementation and use.

Main Topics

  • The background and reasons for the introduction of TMSA
  • TMSA structure and requirements
  • TMSA theory and practice for ship operators
  • TMSA meaning for crews onboard tankers
  • How TMSA fits in with the SIRE vetting process