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Code No: 982

Video Running Time: 32 minutes


Using a mixture of live action footage and computer graphic animation, this programme provides an introduction to the key issues relating to tank cleaning on product, chemical, and oil tankers. It explains why tank cleaning is key to effective tanker operations and describes the importance of understanding the potential risks, as well as the consequences of getting things wrong.

The programme describes different types of tank cleaning, from a quick wash between compatible products, to the complex washing procedures required between incompatible products. This includes preparation for dry dock and tank inspections. It also looks at how decisions are made about which type of cleaning process to use. The programme highlights the importance of structured, formal, written plans, and describes how these should be developed. It points out who should be involved and when, and the essential preparatory tasks and checks required. It identifies the different features of tank cleaning equipment and the role each plays in the process, including fixed and portable washing systems, slop tanks, the IG system and monitoring equipment.

The programme outlines the key processes and procedures that are essential for safe and effective tank cleaning, and emphasises the importance of crew familiarisation and training.

Main Topics

  • How Clean is Clean?
  • Tank Cleaning Equipment
  • Preparation
  • Washing
  • Monitoring and Inspecting