Deck Rating Deck Junior Officer

Code No: 747

Video Running Time: 34 minutes


Inadequate stowage and securing of cargo is a major problem for the shipping industry. It can result in injury or even death for those on board and damage to the ship and the environment. In economic terms, cargo lost or damaged in transit is one of the major causes of insurance claims. Most of these losses could be avoided if only greater care was taken while the cargo was being loaded and secured. This new training package, comprising a video and accompanying booklet, stresses the importance of ensuring that all cargo is properly stowed and secured before setting out to sea. While in many ports the work is mostly undertaken by stevedores, the ships' officers must understand the methods and techniques that should be used and the reasoning behind them, and make sure that they are applied correctly and thoroughly. The program also emphasises the importance of the IMO Code and Guidelines that relate to this topic. They are an essential guide for seafarers to the securing arrangements of all types of cargo. The package looks at the different forces acting on the cargo according to the movement of the ship and at the various methods of stowage and securing including the use of mats and dunnage to improve friction and systems of securing and lashing with steel rope, chains or turnbuckles. The video includes contributions from many of those involved in the cargo operations including a Cargo Superintendent. He indicates some of the common problems with particular cargoes and points out the benefit of quayside checks to ensure that, where possible, some of the problems are resolved before they are brought on board. This package supports international standards of training based on the STCW Code Table A-II/1.