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Code No: 988

Video Running Time: 35 minutes


Chemical tanker crews used to dealing with hazardous cargo parcels may consider vegetable oils to be an easy to work with cargo. However, vegetable oils can present substantial hazards to personal safety. Vegetable oils require care in their handling and stowage to ensure that they are not contaminated, remain liquid and do not deteriorate. If things go wrong, the crew may have to work long hours under difficult conditions. This will increase the risk of personal injury for crew members. These problems are also likely to mean large additional costs for the ship operator, so it is vital that chemical tanker crews are aware of the difficulties of transporting vegetable oils at all times.

A key objective of the programme is to emphasise the importance of keeping to the charterers? cargo requirements and the shipping companies? operating procedures. Vegetable oils are challenging cargos. They need careful handling so as not to deteriorate in quality and increase their Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content. Making a good cargo plan is essential to avoid the difficulties in dealing with vegetable oils. Keeping to th nrequirements of the cargo plan will avoid the problems caused by cargo solidifying in cargo lines and tank walls. Vegetable oils need to be carefully monitored at all times to ensure that they remain both liquid and at the charterer?s specified temperature. They present a number of potential hazards to personal safety including asphyxiation, inhalation of poisonous gases, burns, scalding and slips and falls. The safe carriage of vegetable oils is possible and profitable only if tanker crews are aware of the hazards they represent and always follow correct procedures.Throughout the video live action is used to demonstrate what should be done. Graphics are used to show what can happen and what should happen. A small number of real incidents are reconstructed to highlight potential problems.

Main Topics

  • Maintaining Cargo Quality
  • Personal Hazards
  • Preparing to Load
  • Loading
  • Carriage
  • Discharge
  • Tank Cleaning