Dangerous Goods at Sea - Part 1

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Dangerous Goods at Sea - Part 1

Code No: 1139

Video Running Time: 22 minutes


As new products enter the market, the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code is continually updated to ensure that dangerous goods are transported with the minimum risk.

This two part series is designed to introduce the changes under Amendment 35 -10 to those already familiar with the existing IMDG Code. At the same time, the programmes describe the basic principles of the Codeas use to those new to the transport of Dangerous Goods by sea.

Part One introduces the working structure of both Volumes One and Two of the IMDG Code, as well as the Supplement. The Code is then seen in action, reflecting each stage of the shipping process, from identification, classification, packing and labelling ashore, through to handling and stowage aboard ship.

Regulations addressed:



Main topics:

An Overview of the IMDG Code

Identifying & Classifying Dangerous Goods

Correctly Packing & Declaring Dangerous Goods

Correctly Marking and Labelling Dangerous Goods

Correctly Handling and Stowing Dangerous Goods

Emergency Procedures when dealing with an incident involving Dangerous Goods