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Human Limitations - Fatigue Fatigue

07–04–14 Fatigue: the latest Whitepaper in the series from Videotel serves as an introduction to this very topical issue. Numerous accidents have been attributed to tiredness while many watch keepers have been reported falling asleep on duty. Author: Dr Chris Haughton

New Passenger Mustering And Crowd Control Training Press Release

03–04–14 Making the Difference - Passenger Mustering and Crowd Control looks at all aspects of passenger mustering, in particular the flow of passengers on stairways and the care and control of passengers once they are assembled in their designated muster stations Author: Videotel

New Course Helps Cut Costs In Ecas Press Release

03–04–14 The Practical Management and Switching of Fuels is designed to ensure that switching to low sulphur fuel when operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) avoids the serious operational problems that could a ship's performance or cause major damage to engines. Author: Videotel

Videotel Simplifies Management of Crew Records Press Release

03–04–14 Videotel Marine International releases Application Programming Interface (API) service  to manage crew training records. Author: Videotel

Videotel TV An Interview With William A ONeil CM CMG FREng Videotel TV

An Interview with William A O'Neil CM CMG FREng

20–01–14 An interview with William A O'Neil CM CMG FREng. President of Videotel Marine International. Author: Videotel

Behaviourism – ring any bells? Behaviourism

19–01–14 Dr Chris Haughton continues with the theme of ‘learning’ and offers a very basic introduction to behaviourism and some of the early proponents. Author: Dr Chris Haughton