Training Management

Wherever you are in the world you need to be able to see records of your seafarers’ achievements and progress, as well as identify where support is needed.

Videotel gives you the power to plan seafarer training and drills fleet wide, dispatch schedules to vessels and monitor the results of what has been done.

Our suite of training management applications and automated services put you in control of your data and our reporting tools provide you with evidence of a clear training structure.

Onboard Training Manager Plus – OTM+

OTM+ is an onboard training management application, that is part of the Videotel On Demand (VOD) system collecting records of training performed, including CBT (Computer Based Training) test scores and drills. These records can be exported to the onshore training management system for review and analysis.

Fleet Training Manager - webFTA

webFTA is the cloud based onshore training management application that works in conjunction with its onboard partner (OTM+, above). This application enables you to access information from your entire fleet, and review your seafarers’ performance from anywhere you have access to the web.

Key Benefits of OTM+ and webFTA

  • Provides visibility of individual ships’ and seafarers’ records ashore
  • Eases the admin task of recording and distributing training records
  • Enables planning, target setting and benchmarking
  • Provides clear training structure to Port State Control

Videotel Partner API

You can now connect your in-house crew management and ERP applications with Videotel’s systems ensuing your crew information and whereabouts are constantly synchronised. Our powerful API (Application Programming Interface) is designed to securely work with any software application and access provided to customers free of charge.

Our 40 years experience means we know our industry and that we know how to deliver the best training to its changing needs.