Training Delivery

Videotel provides a comprehensive training solutions package for seafarers and shipping companies using the very best and most accessible learning programmes and management systems.

All our training material is developed in conjunction with experts making the learning process as relevant and effective as possible.

We include informative video, dynamic animated content and a substantial range of test assessment questions to really inspire seafarers to learn and retain knowledge. Our training is not easy – it’s not just a ‘tickbox’ exercise – we are focused on delivering improvement, by identifying weaknesses and developing talent in your organisation.

We also supply a complete suite of training management software to assist the scheduling and record keeping of crew training events, which helps you to meet compliance targets and deliver continuous professional development programmes (CPD) in the maritime industry.

Our suite of e-Learning materials are provided as training libraries onboard ship and online using our state of the art Videotel on Demand system (VOD). Individuals and companies can also select specific online courses to help them learn new skills and develop careers anywhere they have access to internet broadband.

Offline options can also be provided where connectivity is not possible. Contact us for more information.

Videotel On Demand - VOD

VOD is available as an onboard and online library of training materials. Results are collected locally and stored centrally in the cloud making the training experience seamless and giving you a single point of consolidated data for record keeping and training management.

Videotel’s on-demand training tool box, Videotel On Demand (VOD) is a user-friendly training delivery and management system which can operate as a media player for group training sessions and as a dedicated terminal for independent study.

It is available as a single unit or as a networked system (NVOD), which allows multiple users around a ship to train simultaneously. We also use cloud-based technology to facilitate online access to the VOD system allowing crew to train when ashore.

VOD subscriptions are available at different levels to best meet your training needs:

  • FULL VOD Over 350 titles – unlimited access
  • MIDI VOD 100 titles – unlimited access
  • MINI VOD 50 titles – unlimited access

Key Benefits of Videotel On Demand

  • Titles specifically selected to meet your training needs
  • Records all training activity for record keeping purposes
  • Enables crew training to meet legislative requirements and enhance personal professional development
  • Engaging, rewarding and easy to use
  • Demonstrates to Port State Control and other shore based authorities a committed training structure
  • An Instantly available comprehensive library to use on board for urgent training at the point of need
  • Additional titles added each year as part of our comprehensive service
  • Add your own company specific material to your VOD library and see when it has been performed

Blended Learning

Videotel believes in a combined, blended learning approach to crew training. Our titles cover a wide range of STCW-related subjects across all deck and engine disciplines.

Videotel’s on-demand training delivery system (VOD) and online training libraries provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-use training solution that both delivers and records training events performed.

Videotel training for crew is delivered in various ways:

  • Video – providing a mixture of documentary and drama, live action and animation
  • Booklets – expanding on each subject, providing specific detail of maritime legislation
    Interactive computer-based training (CBT) – offering further reference materials and interactive tests
  • Training courses – delivering tutor-assisted programmes through distance learning courses
  • Gamified learning – using computer games techniques and technology to explore serious concepts and effect real world positive outcomes.

NEW! Mobile Platform for Maritime eLearning Programmes

Videotel has launched a new generation e-learning content delivery platform, which allows users to view its comprehensive range of maritime training programmes on a wide variety of devices including tablets and even mobile phones.

The new application harnesses HTML5 responsive design capabilities meaning it rescales dynamically to any screen size or aspect ratio enabling the learning content to display clearly in landscape or portrait, essential for those who want to study on mobile devices.

Features of Videotel's mobile technology include:

  • touch navigation
  • a multi-language capability allowing users to easily switch between languages
  • an ECDIS-inspired ‘night mode’ that allows the user to select a darker theme that is easier on the eyes in low light conditions
  • bookmarking facility so a session can be paused and returned to at the exact same position when required
  • inbuilt components designed to make learning more fun, all without the need for additional plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash Player.
In addition to mobile devices, the application can be used to view content in all existing scenarios such as VOD boxes, the Internet, and fixed media such as CD Rom discs and USB. This new platform also enables content to be published on third party management systems supporting the SCORM 1.2 standard.

Our 40 years experience means we know our industry and that we know how to deliver the best training to its changing needs.