Onboard Training Manager Plus


OTMplus is an on board program that offers simple training and records management for training managers. It creates a record of the details of who has used the training materials, including test scores and drills. It can be used independently or as part of the Videotel VOD system and export training records data to webFTA, it’s on shore partner.

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Working from a central database makes operations run smoother for everyone. This simple to use system saves time tracking crew training and processes audits quickly. It also helps show adherence to the ISM Code. 


OTMplus allows you to:
Plan any type of on board training, including test scores and drills
Evaluate training events
• Export data to head office
• View training schedules
• Show a clear training structure to Port State Control

OTMplus works with VOD, NVOD or in combination with the Rental Library.

Contact us to learn more about how OTMplus could improve your training records management.